HLT 205V Week 5

HLT 205V Week 5 Complete


HLT 205 Week 5 Topic 5 Discussion 1

Read "Hospitals Facing Big Divide in Pro- and Anti-ACA States":


Based on the article, explain how the divide between pro- and anti-ACA states may impact the U.S. health care system. As health care professionals, how do we respond as more states become divided on the issue of Medicaid expansion?

HLT 205 Week 5 Topic 5 Discussion 2

Explain the role of the primary care and its importance to the larger health care system. Cite references in your response.

HLT 205 Week 5 Assignment 1 Collaborative Learning Community: Technology Advancements Presentation


This is a CLC assignment.

Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) groups were created by the instructor in Topic 2. The instructor will observe the participation within the CLC discussion forums, so all materials and communication should be exchanged in the CLC forum between team members. Individuals not participating may lose points at the end of the HLT205VWeek5Complete assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to focus on identifying a technology around treatment advancements, administrative efficiencies, or patient service. Understanding the use of technology and telehealth get more info in health care is vital as this is certainly the future HLT 205V Week 5 Complete of health care.
As a team, you need to select a single technology as the topic for this assignment.

PowerPoint Presentation

In your CLC group, prepare a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation, with speaker notes, that addresses the following:

What areas of health care are impacted by the selected technology?

What are the cost and benefits of the selected technology?

What is the selected technology's impact on cost, access, and quality?

Could the selected technology lead to cultural disparities? Explain your reasoning.

What are the financial implications of the selected technology?

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